Whatsapp Video Fraud

In the US and Canada WhatsApp has developed as an application that we all use daily and that has become essential for everyone, you will always find people who ask your number to contact you and even be able to call and complement them with video, but, do you think What are you sure about?

If you thought that cyber hits do not affect big companies like Facebook that owns Whatsapp you are very wrong, it has not happened in North American countries, but it has already happened in South America.


The cyber security company ESET (which is very famous for creating effective antivirus for a few years) detected a new blow to the video call of the messaging application that received more than 10,000 Brazilian clicks in just one hour, something like Which has happened in Spotify in recent weeks.


In action, cybercriminals use fake Internet sites that promise new updated WhatsAp functionality.

To carry out the action, the victim is directed to an advertisement called “last stage”, which advocates an SMS message to be sent to a Premium number with a certain text. In this way, the cybercriminal can obtain the telephone number of the victim, the subscription to the payment service and collect this unsolicited amount without the user’s account.

Victims are also instructed to share the fraudulent link with their contacts and thus the coup spreads. It is one of the malicious campaigns in just 1 hour, there were 16,000 clicks, 10,000 in Brazil alone.

According to ESET, the hit is well prepared: on some verified websites, the design simulates the official WhatsApp website, including features such as choosing the language according to the IP geolocation from any device connected to the internet.

“It is important to note that this is not a WhatsApp virus, since no files are running. Nor do we see evidence that fraudulent websites are attempting to exploit the vulnerabilities in the connected computer. The only purpose is the economic benefit, with enrollment in the premium SMS service, “said ESET president.

“Cybercriminals exploit popular tools like this to cheat; Affect more people. This is because, in their eagerness to access the new functionality, the Internet does not always control the origin of the page and end up in the provision of personal information or subscribing to unsolicited services, “says the executive. The WhatsApp video call feature will actually be available to update the application to all users automatically.


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