WhatsApp: The three secrets behind the application and that may be helpful


How to protect your eyes conversations from other people or how to get rid of some chats without removing the device, are some of the tricks then we share them.

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular applications, however, many users are unaware of some of its secrets, which can optimize the work of this platform, reports the AndroidPit portal, where we offer a few tips:

Saving data consumption

WhatsApp, unlike other applications such as Facebook or YouTube does not consume an inordinate amount of data. However, if your rate has a low limit, you can make the ‘app’ consume the minimum amount of data. Simply go to the “Settings” section of the application, once inside select ‘chats and calls,’ and finally select the option ‘Reduce data usage’.

Getting rid of talks without deleting completely

Often chat list is filled with various talks, which for various reasons do not wish to remove them. If you want to clean the conversations, not delete, you can simply file them. For this, on the main screen chats hold your finger on a conversation and then select ‘Save’. In this way the conversation will disappear from the home screen, but not deleted from the system. To recover, at the bottom of the screen select ‘Archived Chats’.

Security code to enter WhatsApp

There is a risk that your mobile device fall into the hands of strangers or curious and personal or confidential information is compromised. To avoid this and if you want to protect your conversations you can put a password to access WhatsApp and so no one can see your chats. For this purpose download the Messenger and Chat Lock or CM Security application also restrict access to other applications such as Facebook or Gmail.

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