WhatsApp do not want to share your data with Facebook, for now


When Facebook bought WhatsApp in February 2014, all the experts assumed that sooner or later the investment of 16,000 million dollars would become one of the great resources of the social network. That’s why few were surprised when last August, the service announced it would begin sharing your phone and other data with Facebook.

A European authorities on data protection do not end up squaring the change in company policies, and in a letter to WhatsApp, the Article 29 Working Party (WP29) has asked WhatsApp not sharing data Facebook users with until you can check whether the process complies with current European legislation.

In the open letter written by the president of the WP29, the group expressed their concerns about the new Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. The way it was presented to the users that update casts doubt on the validity of consent.

WP29 has asked WhatsApp clarify the exact categories of data to be shared with Facebook (names, phone numbers, email, mailing address, etc.) and the sources from which they are obtained. Also they ask for a list of all recipients of data and effects of the transfer of data on potential users and third parties.

According to information that has been provided to service users, WhastApp share information in "The Family of Companies Facebook" for a range of purposes including advertising and marketing. These purposes were not included in the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy available when users were registered in the service. These changes are inconsistent with past public statements of the two companies ensuring that no data is ever share.

The Article 29 Working Party has an advisory capacity and work independently. It consists of a representative of the data protection authority of each Member state of the European Union, the European Data Protection Supervisor and the European Commission. Your job is to give advice to the experts State concerning data protection and provide the European Commission an opinion on Community law.

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