Whatsapp announces a change that will put an end to some horseplay

Whatsapp fake photos are numbered. The company announced that the application will introduce a tool that will compare the origin of the thumbnail image with the original and verify that both are identical.

Thus, the messaging application will no longer be compatible with tools like Imagiapp, MagiApp or Z- Photo Fake. These applications allow Whatsapp upload an image to a previous completely different from the original view.


We’ve all been innocent victims of this prank ever. The most popular is the infamous “Black of WhatsApp” which quickly invaded all talk groups and imposed their peculiar talents to the world.

However, this disappointment -in innocent appearance-caused many complaints from users because of the discomfort that generated the sudden opening image in public places, at work or in family circles.

Thus, the company boosted these new changes, in which the application can also edit the image before being sent, thus eliminating the effect of fake photo.

The images ‘Poster’ will
However, according to the website The Free Android, still it is possible to send the famous pranksters vertical images, thanks to a precise cut, showing a prior harmless view when opened reveals an elongated image with a completely different meaning.

One of lime and sand for users of the popular messaging application, at least not have to worry so much about opening a mysterious image in public.

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