‘Hackers’ Chinese pirating the Pentagon’s plans for future wars


“The US national security faces an increasingly greater threat from Chinese collection operations secret information”, according to a congressional committee about cited by Washington Free Beacon. The authors of the report say that the Chinese intelligence activities “have intensified significantly” over the past 15 years and are carried out by various structures such as the Ministry of State Security and the People’s Liberation Army.

Experts point out that China’s efforts to infiltrate the private cyberspace and US security structures are some of the greatest threats. In particular, the special services of China could have accessed 5.6 million fingerprints, some of which could be used to “identify undercover federal agents or to create duplicates of biometrics for access to classified areas.”

Among the many classified documents that gained access, hackers Chinese got a report entitled ‘Strategy Defense Department on China’. They also gained access to emails from many officials in the Obama administration.

The report refers to espionage cases involving US citizens, such as the exmilitar Benjamin Pierce Bishop, who sent a Chinese woman who was having an affair an email with information on US military plans data on stocks of nuclear weapons and on the performance of the US missile defense.

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