Google shows new vulnerabilities in Windows 10


No operating system is free of problems, particularly now that computer security is a fundamental issue. That is why large companies that produce them do even contests to find new vulnerabilities that had not occurred to them. However, there are other channels where they can meet these problems.

For example, Google has now announced that Windows 10 has a number of security issues, just 10 days after these vulnerabilities reported to Microsoft. Google also says that these critical vulnerabilities are already being exploited, that is, hackers have already written code to exploit these security holes and are now using them.

Google indicates the following problems in Windows security:

"The Windows vulnerability is a local privilege escalation in the Windows kernel, which can be used to escape the security defined by the system. It can be triggered by a call from win32k.sys, particularly NtSetWindowsLongPtr (). [...] Chrome blocks this. "


It should be noted that Google also reported on 21 October, a vulnerability in Flash (Adobe), the company patched five days later. Windows Vulnerability far as is known, has not been patched. In any case, that Google made public these vulnerabilities seems to be at least a controversial situation.

Most software companies say a week is not enough to write, try and draw a patch to a security problem found in time. Despite this, Google prefers to make an announcement sooner rather than later.

This is not the first time that Google shows vulnerabilities in Windows before there is a patch for them. Already it did for Windows 8.1 in January 2015. Microsoft -that entendible- is not happy with these announcements, but now seems to be more serious.

Microsoft has said about the following:
“We believe in keeping out of the public courts vulnerabilities. Google that it does puts customers in a potential risk”.

At the moment, and before any patch is released, Microsoft suggests using Windows 10 and Edge browser, which, to say the company “is the best protection.”

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