Facebook enables filters and spare parts for Halloween horror


Facebook Live broadcasts will have filters. While the “effects” will be headlined by monsters

For a connected world playing “trick or treat”. Facebook enabled by Halloween filters that put a costume on live broadcasts. In addition it amended its “Reactions” replacing their emojis with little monsters.

During these days, people who deliver streaming videos through Facebook Live will have a filter menu to disguise his face in witches, pandas, skulls and more. Users can exchange these filters during transmission, according to the website “Cnet”.

Also, the web portal “TechCrunch” explains that using these filters is simple. After starting a transmission on Facebook Live is clicked a magic wand at the top left corner; there masks icon is selected in creative tools and then only remains to choose the filter.

In addition to the filters, Facebook offers a “Reactions” theme to deliver a more ‘halloweenezca. “The Emoji known were replaced by small monsters to’ terrorize ‘comments and publications.

The button “like” is a hand skull, “I love” is a candy heart, “I enjoy” is a witch smiling, “surprise me” is a ghost, “I’m sad” is a Frankenstein, and ” angers me “it is a pumpkin.

It should be noted that Facebook avoided indicate whether there is an expiration date for filter Facebook Live. While it is assumed that the “effects” will return to normal once culminate the celebrations for Halloween.

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