Facebook as a tool to diagnose depression or schizophrenia


Today, many people spend virtually all their free time to social networks, which can become rather sickly, but what if just Facebook serve as a tool for diagnosing a mental disorder?

In an article published by a group of specialists in psychiatry at the University of Cambridge to the medical journal The Lancet Psychiatry, entitled “A decade into Facebook: where is psychiatry in the digital age” discussed the importance that has had this network social in its last 10 years of life and how new generations react to it; but especially how it is feasible to analyze the behavior of a user based on the content of their profile.

He explains one of the researchers and co-author of the article, Becky Inkster, “Facebook is very popular and we could provide a lot of data to improve our understanding of mental health disorders such as depression and schizophrenia.”

She explains that status updates, the “Likes” award and even published photographs are much more solid elements that could help researchers better understand his personality and if it present a mental disorder.

For his part, Dr. Michal Kosinski of the Stanford Graduate Business School and co-author, adds that new generations can see how Facebook has more reliable data on the personality of the person.

These seek to better reflect the personality of the individual, which could be a consideration when evaluating how the person inside and offline is in addition to other elements, such as its style and intensity in conversations, can provide much information about the person.

In addition to commenting on the possible disorders such as depression, low self-esteem and schizophrenia among others, researchers say that Facebook could also be used as a therapy to create certain exercises that will encourage positive responses as a change in aspect in your profile, participate differently in social network or to disconnect a little more.

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