Facebook allows advertisers to exclude users based on their race

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook. This is not OK. The network not only allows advertisers to choose the users who will direct advertising as interests and history, but also offers the possibility to exclude specific groups of people by race.

“Ethnic Affinities” is the name we have given to this terribly discriminant function. These are ads that exclude people from receiving certain advertising based on race, sex and other sensitive factors that are prohibited by law in the United States.

In ProPublica they tested the buying an ad focused on users who were looking for a home system. Facebook allowed them to reduce the audience of your ad and exclude anyone with “affinity” for African Americans, Asian-American or Hispanic.

Ironically Facebook policies prohibit advertisers to use options announcements for engaging in discriminatory actions, harassment and contempt, or advertising use predatory practices.

Facebook says that “ethnic affinity” is not the same as race, something that Facebook does not ask its members. The social network determines that affinity based on pages and posts with users usually interact. However, the option is included in the category of demographics in your tool personalized ads.

While some media make efforts to avoid discriminatory advertisements that include only persons of a particular race, Facebook offers literally the opposite. It is equivalent to only include certain advertising in magazines that buy white people.

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