EU calls on WhatsApp to stop sharing data with Facebook


When Facebook bought WhatsApp suspect intentions black Zuckerberg and company do our data. That came true a few months ago when they changed the terms of WhatsApp, which alerted many organizations that seek to protect our privacy. Today the European Commission has asked WhatsApp to stop sharing data with Facebook.

In an open letter to Jan Koum, WhatsApp CEO, European authorities expressed regret for changes in the terms of use of WhatsApp, where now the user information is shared for advertising purposes. The European Union asserts that these changes are not the same as when WhatsApp users were recorded in the service and that contradict what both companies promised not to do.

The Article 29 Working Party expressed its regret over the new Terms of Use and the way in which users were communicated and accepted the change. WhatsApp authorities asked to stop sharing data with Facebook while investigations to see if Facebook commits any illegality are made.

Unfortunately, the Working Group has no other authority but to advise and recommend to the company owned by Facebook. Meanwhile, WhatsApp has already issued an official response that says they are working with protection authorities to answer your questions.

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