Arrest hacker who attacked 911

arrest-hacker-who-attacked-911about ten days ago, the Internet was paralyzed for several hours due to a DDoS attack that affected several companies providing different types of services like Netflix, Twitter, Spotify and even WhatsApp.

Now history repeats itself, but with less impact. And the hacker Meetkumar Hiteshbhai Desai launched a new attack on the national emergency system 911.
This person had a Twitter account and a YouTube channel in which showed the kind of flaws and vulnerabilities that had the 911.

The attack occurred through mobile phones and tablets with which a 100 emergency system simultaneous calls were recorded, causing a momentary collapse.


Dasai was arrested and held in the police station in Maricopa County, Arizona, who was a friend of his who discovered the vulnerabilities and he just triggered the attack, which seemed funny.

In addition, the hacker only 18 years mentioned that perhaps could have mistakenly posted the link to carry out the attack and that his only intention was to gain recognition among the community of hackers on the Internet.

So far it not has been made public condemnation for Hiteshbhai Desai, but faces charges of handling systems belonging to government infrastructure.

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