According to science, this is the proper way to charge a cell

Get smartphone battery with more than 10% load at the end of the day is worthy mission impossible and although these are not made to withstand what we use them there are other causes that last less than they should.

Do you think you know your smartphone load? Science researched the subject and analyzed what is the proper way to charge a cell to ensure maximum battery performance in the short and long term.


How to charge the battery of your mobile and extend its life?

When charge their cell each has a method, there are those who leave it plugged in all night, others during the day connected to the computer and never missing only does when your phone is about to shut down.

What kind of load is correct? Battery University, a site created by the battery manufacturer for electronic devices company Cadex detailed scientific evidence what is the ideal way to charge lithium ion battery.

In Battery University they teach us that never should be left on charge overnight, and so you’re stressing to the battery, once it is loaded you should disconnect your current phone immediately.

Another mistake is to keep your phone connected to the computer all day to charge your battery, as also are attacking, once you notice that is 100% it’s time to remove the cable.

If possible, even the upload until it reaches 100%, from Battery University indicate that charging several sessions with battery levels to an acceptable amount are better at 100% load at once.

Another point that is worrying experts stress that the phone receives sufficient ventilation while charging to prevent overheating, which damages the battery and can also cause accidents.

Why is it better to charge the battery several times a day, but for short periods of time?

Receiving a full charge with energy coming continuously for several hours or even all night makes the battery overworking, because once it reaches 100% 3% discharged on purpose to avoid damage.

This continuous voltage, which may not always be the same, enters the battery and makes its internal circuits are running all the time as well as causing damage to the other components. If your phone has time to rest between charging processes, no matter that have not been completed, your battery will have a much longer life since their materials and delicate chemical structure not subject to such a high stress for prolonged periods.

You know, if possible never leave your phone on charge for longer than necessary and although it can be annoying advantage of making short recharges during the day no matter if it is for only 20 minutes.

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